Connect Professionals

Our Mission

Connect hospitality professionals
to develop successful collaboration

Our Objective

Continue to play a key role within
the industry & your organization

Industry Awareness

Our ability to adapt to multi-cultural work environnement combined with a strong Industry awareness has successfully served organizations

Great leaders and passionate employees remain the most important success drivers, despite all major changes and investments in the service Industry. Unfortunately, most companies fail to hire the right candidate.

Indeed, organizations invest a lot of time and money on marketing campaigns to attract loyal customers. They often neglect to develop an equally strong talent acquisition strategy to attract the best performers.

Hoospitality delivers high impact consultations and advises and supports professionals and organizations, providing recruiting solutions and career opportunity at all level of employment.

The Hiring Strategy

Recruiting is evolving. It is now about aligning talents and organizations with shared objectives to ensure all business leaders and hiring managers to attract, develop and furthermore retain professionals.

The Hiring Specialities

Our recruiting specialities include boolean logic and other advanced sourcing techniques such as Linkedin, LinkedIn Recuiter, Facebook, Twitter and Viadeo, as well as job boards – CareerBuilder, Dice and Monster.

The Recruiting Steps

  • 1. Outsourcing

    – Post compelling job offer to only attract top actives talents
    – Expand the talent pool to catch passives talents’ attention
    – Select potential candidates based on performances & by offering a real career move

  • 2. Interviewing

    – Prepare & structure the interview to create the perfect candidate experience
    – Conduct thorough work history review
    – Determine the job fit & define the company’s performance objectives
    – Situational : the problem-solving questions
    – Close the interview

  • 3. Assessing

    – Measure & rank candidates interviews with objectivity
    – Make an offer
    – Finalize the negotiation & close the deal

Frédéric Dubreuil - Courtesy of Harry Brejat, St Barts 2016


As experienced hospitality professionals with 20 years track record in the luxury hotel industry, we provide consulting & recruiting solutions, specializing in small & medium size businesses – teams under 200 members.
We served in executive committee roles, benefitting from years of exposure to varied operations, commercial activities and management initiatives.
We have developed high performance team within several acclaimed hospitality management companies through recruiting, talent identification, coaching & training.