Recruiting Solutions

Our Vision

Hiring is your N°1 priority
Never compromise on quality

Our Strategy


Our Objective

Providing recruiting solutions at all levels of employment and building trustful long-term relationships

A Predictable Success

The most single important and crucial decisions your organization make is either hiring or promoting new or existing employees. Those human capital decisions have serious repercussions on your customer’s satisfaction, engagement and ratings.

Our main focus is to contribute to your business success, reputation and brand, by implementing your talent acquisition strategy to consistently improve your quality of hires, in order to maximize your productivity, sales and profitability.

We provide high impact consultation at every stages of the hiring process to ensure organizations to better source, filter, interview, recruit, assess, engage and retain top performers.

Hoospitality can help your company leaders, hiring managers, head of departments and other human ressources team members to make faster, efficient and cost-effective decisions and give your business a new direction.


Make a difference


“Hire great people and create a highly engaged workforce”

Managers who work for engaged leaders are 39% more likely to be engaged

Employees who work for engaged managers are 59% more likely to be engaged

Some facts

Sources: LinkedIn, Trends 2015 & 2016

Both active and passive professionals are potential candidates

Active 30%
Passive, and not looking to move 70%
Passive candidates are open to opportunity 60%

First Conversation
What professionals are interested to know about the job opportunity

Role responsibilities 69%
Why you are Reaching out 64%
Estimated salary range 52%
Company culture 45%

Convert more candidates
into great hires
Most important factors for talents when considering a job

Compensation 49%
Better professional development 33%
Better work and life balance 29%
More challenging work 25%
More oppurtunity for advancement 24%
Better fit for skills 23%
Better place to work 21%