Career Development

Be engaged with the right opportunity and organisation

Expect the Best

Our duty is to lead you to a great opportunity that meets and furthermore exceeds your expectations. We clearly understand the importance of aligning your career’s objectives with the organization’s goals.

In fact, we do focus our recruiting strategy to provide professionals with real career move rather than lateral transfer.

Hoospitality can help all professionals, from non-managerial positions to executive roles, to join the right organization in a competitive environment to demonstrate your skills, perform, grow and reach your career objectives.

Nowadays, working with recruiters, even for the most fully employed, engaged and satisfied professionals, is essential.

First Contact

Professionals, both actives and passives, are interested to hear from a recruiter.

Extremely and very interested
Somewhat interested
Not very interested
Don't know

Some Facts

Sources: LinkedIn, Trends 2015 & 2016

The interview, the critical point
Most professionals are still unsure about the job and the company prior to the interview.
Conducting a professional and thorough interview is at the core of making the right hiring decision.

Talent say a negative interview can change their mind about a role or company they once linked
Talent say a positive interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once doubted
Talent say the interview experience has a major impact on their final decision
Talent say being contacted by their recruiter can make them accept a job offer faster

Some Recommendations

Be prepared for the interview
Define clearly what you have, and most importantly, what you want to accomplish

Build relationships
Develop your network and update your professional profile

Be honest and selective
Become familiar with the hiring company and the opportunity
Be focused on a long term career move, rather than a lateral transfer
Ask yourself the simple question: Is this the job I want?